Biomodd London

Biomodd has an active presence in London, UK, through the Biomodd London Community and Biomodd London Chapter.  

Biomodd London Community

The Biomodd London Community is a loosely-knit group based in London who have participated in a Biomodd London project in the past, working on a current Biomodd London project, or who are simply interested in the Biomodd framework. Anyone can find our Facebook group, and everyone is welcome to join.


Biomodd London Chapter 

The Biomodd London Chapter is formed of individuals from within the Biomodd London Community who organise Biomodd projects in the London area. We imagine plants and technology in symbiosis, where mutual learning happens through exploration, making and play.

Who we are

Claude Oprea is a certified Permaculture designer and facilitator and member of the Permaculture Association. He teaches Permaculture design courses, runs workshops in schools, foraging walks in the city as well as acts as consultant for projects like Terra Perma in Montreal, Canada. Claude is also a healer and owner of Bear Hands Holistic Massage and plant artist, having created immersive large scale plant installations at Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Arts and at Boomtown Fair. He is passionate about creative approaches to big themes such as dealing with computer waste, growing food in urban environments with Permaculture ethics and principles, creating and sustaining community in London and being off grid. Claude originated Biomodd in London and co-led Biomodd [LDN5] at TEDX London City 2.0. 
Louis Rutherford
 is a Community Development, Circular Economy and Permaculture Consultant supporting clients such as Arcola Energy and Independent Means. In 2015, he graduated with an MSc/Dip in Urban Regeneration from the prestigious Bartlett College, UCL. Whilst completing his studies, he was awarded the Santander Universities Community Contribution award and was a finalist in the Mayor of London/Siemens Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize. He is a Director of several London-based sustainability projects including The Gaia Gallery zero-carbon event space, the Cob in the Community natural building practice. He is passionate about creating innovative, fun and engaging spaces to address issues around climate change and communities. Louis co-led Biomodd [LDN5] at TEDX London City 2.0. 
Aistė Saulytė is a photographer, urban food grower and community activator. All her work is tied to her passion for local and organic food production and improving the food system through grass-roots movements and initiatives. As a multidisciplinary advocate with a strong interest in alternative education methods, she loves getting to engage with people in an educational, creative and collaborative effort to combine art, technology and nature. She is currently working as a community gardener at Abbey Gardens in Newham and writes articles about food growing, environment and sustainability for Connected Roots and Indie Farmer, as well as The Wild Network - a project encouraging and providing opportunities for children to spend more time connecting with nature. Aistė holds a BA in Politics and International Relations from Queen Mary, UoL and is studying for the RHS Level 2 Principles of Horticulture qualification. Aistė participated in Biomodd [LDNW].