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Participant Testimonies

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Biomodd is like a breath of fresh air. I appreciate art in all forms - paintings, sculptures, photographs, architecture - but I've never seen something like Biomodd. I never thought that you could intertwine technology, ecology and art in one piece and produce something amazing.

— Maureen Magallanes, Los Baños, 2009

Biomodd is the most complicated project I've ever been involved in. At first glance, it doesn't look like things are really connected but once you get immersed in it, the pieces fall into place.

— Trish Corpuz, Los Baños, 2009

Biomodd is about linking different cultures directed towards a unified idea of connecting the environment with technology.

— Jeryl Estopace, Los Baños, 2009

This project is a symbolic statement that a wide array of possibilities exists out there. But another aspect that deserves a lot of credit is the community we built around Biomodd – over a hundred people from different walks of life coming together to shape what was to become the sculpture that was showcased in UP Los Baños and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Manila.

— Al Francis Librero, Los Baños, 2009

In the beginning I had NO idea about software and hardware. Nothing! But on the first day, we made a lot of computers working, installed Ubuntu and learned how to interact technology and nature. [...] I think we were a great working group, I learned a lot! And everything went really dynamic also because of that. Now I am environmentally aware as never ever before.

— Maruša Novak, Maribor, 2010

Participating @ the Biomodd Workshop in kibla has been one of my most intense short term learning processes ever. To start from scratch in terms of hardware and software and to actualy build working computers (without any prior knowledge in this field), computers which take on a kind of personality. [...] The group dynamics experienced during the workshop gives one a good example of cross-cultural potentialities.

— Nic Geeraert, Maribor, 2010

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