Biomodd Installations and Workshops

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Since 2010 there's a new format for the Biomodd project: apart from building complex large-scale versions, there's also Biomodd Workshops in which people learn the basics of green case modding in a period of one to two weeks. Participants are led through an improvisatory process of creating functioning hybrid biological and digital sculptural forms that are consonant with the Biomodd conceptual framework, though on a smaller scale than the installations produced in Biomodd [ATH1] and Biomodd [LBA2]. Participants are introduced to the Biomodd conceptual framework and experiences from previous Biomodd workshops and projects. We show previous examples of systems that participants have built that integrate plant life and computer technology. We provide the participants with materials both taken locally and used in previous Biomodd workshops and projects, including the following:
  • Assorted plant life locally sourced from the area and algae
  • Secondhand computer components
  • Electronic equipment (e.g. a robotic arm, Arduino microcontrollers, sensors, actuators)
  • Installation disks for several varieties of Linux and open source games
  • Building supplies and tools
  • Additional second-hand equipment
The results of the workshops are then exhibited through the support of the organization or event hosting the workshop.

Interested in organizing a Biomodd Workshop for your event or institute? Simply get in touch with us, and we'll see how we can best embed Biomodd in your local context.

The first Biomodd Workshop took in Sint-Niklaas for the art exhibit Coup de Ville and will be conducted by Angelo Vermeulen. Coup de Ville is an exhibition and city festival of contemporary art from September 12 to October 24 2010, held in private and public locations in the city-centre of Sint-Niklaas. Sint-Niklaas is located between Ghent and Antwerp and acts as a cultural mediator in between these cities. The title symbolically refers to an 'occupied city'.

Biomodd Workshop Maribor

The second one will be organized in the KIBLA arts centre in Maribor in Slovenia and will be conducted by Diego Maranan and Angelo Vermeulen. KIBLA is the first presentation and production institution in Slovenia dealing with multimedia and intermedia art and a year-long cultural programme. Kibla still incorporates pure classical media but in a different context - they are used to support historical continuity of visual arts and a bigger aesthetization and integration of electronic media. Kibla supports principles that lead to complex systems of multimedia presentation and also produces respectively coproduces cultural artistic projects, and publishes presentation materials.