Biomodd [SNKw], Coup de Ville, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, 2010

  • Biomodd game tournament live report The game tournament has started!There already have been many visitors from all ages and from different nationalities. Some off them played the game Liquidwar (, others came to see the installation. The people who play the game really like it. The game is actually very simple with very effective gameplay what makes it also quite addictive. You move the turning circle, and the liquid will follow the circle. Now it is key to master the enemy by surrounding him and take over some of his liquid. Some members of the Biomodd team played several games together to see who was the best. We keep all the scores on a leader board. Until now Jorrit ...
    Posted Apr 6, 2011, 1:19 AM by Diego S. Maranan
  • Biomodd Game Tournament Sint-Niklaas! Zondag 3 oktober 2010 vindt in de Stedelijke Bibliotheek van Sint-Niklaas het Biomodd Game Tournament plaats. Het evenement gaat van start op zondag 3 oktober om 10u00 en eindigt diezelfde dag om 18u00. Inkom is vrij en iedereen is welkom, met of zonder game-ervaring. Als game hebben we gekozen voor Liquid War ( Dit is een open source game waarbij het de bedoeling is vloeistoffen door een parcours te leiden, de tegenstander te omsingelen en deze zo uit te schakelen. Andere open source games zijn echter ook welkom! Als besturingssysteem gebruiken we Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (    
    Posted Oct 13, 2010, 7:30 PM by Diego S. Maranan
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Who's who in this workshop?

The basement of the municipal library in Sint-Niklaas.

What stuff do we need, what do we have?

Which open source games could potentially run on our creations?

What kind of plants shall we use?

Pre-workshop sketches and ideas.

Wallpaper, photos, movies and press.

Everyone who helped us with the workshop.