Meeting at the Kantine in Sint-Niklaas

posted Jul 14, 2010, 1:28 PM by Angelo Vermeulen   [ updated Jul 16, 2010, 5:25 PM by Diego S. Maranan ]
Mathias and myself met up today at the Kantine cafe to discuss the organization of the workshop. While it was pouring rain outside, all the aspects of the workshop were explored, from all needed materials to reaching out and finding additional partners. A short overview of the stuff we still need: additional secondhand computers (max. 6 years old), a router to set up a LAN, water cooling for at least one of the computers, cold cathode lights, some original objects to mount computers on, plant sponsoring, and different types of lights for the plants. We already have a bunch of used computer parts but hardly any motherboard that can run simple 3D games (like Armagetron Advanced that was being used in Athens, Ohio). But PC Center in Sint-Niklaas has offered to help us out by donating their old surplus. I will have a look at what they have tomorrow.

It would be nice to have some plant enthusiasts in the group, and not just technology-focused people. I will ask WARP how to reach out for that. Mathias will set up a Facebook group specifically dedicated to this workshop. He will also start updating this website, and is currently designing a new Biomodd logo.

The actual space for the workshop, the basement of the municipal library, needs some 'tuning' before it can become a creative workspace. I will meet up with the local technician to see how we can install some proper lighting to adjust the mood of the space. And I have some really cool sofas in my storage space that would perfectly fit in there, parts of an older installation at Speelhoven in Aarschot.