During the course of the project, over one hundred people were on the Biomodd [LBA2] team email list . 1,855 emails were sent to that list while another 1,893 emails were sent to the email list for the core organizers.

These were some of the members of the team

Angelo Vermeulen
(Project Co-Lead)

Angelo Vermeulen is a visual artist, filmmaker, author, activist, biologist, DJ and avid gamer. His research in ecology, environmental pollution and teratology informs his art, which includes bio instalnottions, experimental setups incorporating living organisms and sci-fi references. His projects include SKANNER, a new media project on human fear in cooperation with Tamuraj, musician and mathematics researcher, and Drumlander, a creative platform on game culture in collaboration with Canadian artist/gamer Louis Blackburn. Biomodd, his worldwide series of cross-cultural, symbiotic installations fusing game culture, ecology and social interaction was nominated for the Ars Electronica Hybrid Art Prix in 2008. Next to developing the new Biomodd iteration in the Philippines, he currently also works on Translucent Futures, an artistic research project which deals with ubiquitous technology and the attrition of civil rights and privacy. Vermeulen has lectured internationally, and during the past few years has given over 60 talks throughout Europe, the US and Asia. He recently co-authored Baudelaire in Cyberspace, a compilation of dialogues on art, science and digital culture, with philosopher Antoon Van den Braembussche.

Angelo Vermeulen is currently adjunct professor at the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies, UP Open University in the Philippines, and thesis adviser at Sint-Lucas Visual Arts Ghent in Belgium. He was recently featured in the Science Careers section of the journal, Science. Vermeulen was the project leader for Biomodd [ATH1] in Ohio. He co-leads Biomodd [LBA2] with Diego Maranan in the Philippines, and is setting up subsequent versions in Singapore and Brazil.
Lai del Rosario
(Project Manager)

Lai del Rosario has multi-disciplinary experiences and interests. A film school graduate from the University of the Philippines and a consistent honor student, she later became a copywriter and creative team head in an advertising agency. After realizing that she enjoyed examining how exhibitions are put together in galleries and museums, she applied for a masters degree on Museum Studies in the University of the Philippines, which she is currently finishing. On the side, she is also an entrepreneur, designer, writer, and photographer. Right now, she is focused on managing art exhibitions, one of which was the Julie Lluch retrospective exhibit, a major show held in the Cultural Center of the Philippines that wrapped up in December 2008. At present, she is managing Biomodd [LBA2], the project conceptualized by Belgian artist Angelo Vermeulen; and the retrospective exhibit of world-renowned Filipino artist, Duddley Diaz, a project of the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Galleria Duemila. She plans to write her thesis on the sustainability of art shows or museums in the Philippines. Lai is project manager and co-finance officer of Biomodd  [LBA2].

Al-Francis "King" Librero
(Los Baños Coordinator)

is an Assistant Professor of the University of the Philippines Open University, currently handling courses in Computer Science and Multimedia. He also oversees all of UPOU's information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. However, his realm of knowledge extends beyond the field of information technology, having earned degrees from different fields. As a student, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, a Diploma in Computer Science, and finally, a Master's degree in Environmental Science, in which he was the first in the School of Environmental Science and Management in the University of the Philippines Los Baños (SESAM-UPLB) to fully incorporate information technology with environmental management in his thesis by employing geographic information systems and computer modeling for the environmental planning of a city. Being a follower of interdisciplinarity came naturally. King is also experienced in building online communities, having been a part of forums and sites of PC enthusiasts, musicians, activists, gamers and many others for the past decade in different capacities, from a regular member to a content writer, moderator and site administrator. Currently, he runs the unofficial community site of UPOU on the side for students and colleagues. For fun, Al is very much into computers, sports, guitar-driven music and photography.  He does his best not to let work get in the way of any of those. King is the On-Site Coordinator for Biomodd  [LBA2].
Christopher Nex Beñas

(Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator)

Christopher Nex Beñas majored in Business Administration at the University of the Philippines where he held several positions in various student organizations including being Editor in Chief of the college's paper. He was also part of the winning team in the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) Foundation Marketing Communications Competition. With some experience in project and events management, entrepreneurship, and marketing, Nex is currently taking up a master's degree in Political Science in the same university and is currently a research assistant in an international research project on the political economy and development experience of the Philippines based at the Third World Studies Center of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, UP Diliman.Nex is the Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator for Biomodd  [LBA2].

J. Aleta Rivera-Villanueva
is currently the Associate in Arts Program Chair as well as facult member of the University of the Philippines Open University. She has a bachelor's degree in elementary education, a master's degree in community development and is currently pursuing her PhD in curriculum studies, all from the University of the Philippines. She has a wealth of experience in education and community development. Aleta is also a loving mother to Mauro and Miranda.

Leo Olavides obtained his Associate in Arts from the University of the Philippines Open University in 2003. He is currently a bookkeeper at the Technology Resource Center in San Juan. He is married.

Anne Loreen Lim
 lives and works in the idyllic island of Romblon. She is an entrepreneur who also teaches at the local college. She is also a student in the Multimedia Studies program of the University of the Philippines Open University. She loves to travel and see different places and cultures. She dreams big for the development of her hometown. She is also into photography, gaming and gadgets. For Anne, working with Biomodd is truly edifying -- definitely worth the gruelling trip from Romblon to Los Baños and back.

Melanie Trani
is a sophomore BA Multi Media Studies student at the University of the Philippines Open University. Her exposure to the arts is in the scope of interior design and architecture which was further honed as she designed wrought iron furniture and assisted interior designers during the 90s. She also writes for blogs during her spare time. She has three sons ages 19-24 who are working professionals. Melanie currently resides in Cebu City.



Jeryl Estopace is a third year Accountacy major in Laguna University. He likes reading, surfing the net and playing video games and chess.

Julius Cebreros is a frustrated game developer and technology junkie. He is a graduate of computer science from University of the Philippines Visayas Tacloban.

Ding Navasero is a stage director and actor, a documentary film director, and owner of the venerable and popular Paparazzi line of clothing, which supplies campaign vests for the opposition party.  A mentoree of Rolando Tinio, he has worked on almost 43 classical plays at the CCP and has directed plays at UP Diliman and UP Los Banos, notably the famous and long-running "Ice Bug". He is currently directing UPELBI Rewind, the UP Los Banos centennial play. Ding lives in Los Banos at the foothills of Mount Makiling.

Alex Ezequiel is a communication arts student at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, major in writing. She loves art, music and lomo photography.

Miam Aquino is a biology major at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. She likes to sing and surf the net. She plans to pursue medical school someday.

Joel Aldor is a student of MMS198 under Diego's class in the BAMS program at UPOU. He works as an IT resource analyst for AIG, and freelances as a producer/promoter for music events like gigs and album launches. Loves to bum in the beach and visit old stone churches from far-flung places. He lives with his cat Tori (named after his idol Tori Amos), and his guitar named Girlfriend, the only heterosexual relationship he can ever be in.

Tina Mantaring is partly a geek, partly a jock, sometimes a ditz, and on very rare occasions, a bum. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, she majored in Computer Engineering, focusing most of her undergraduate work on microelectronics and microprocessors. As a student, she also held numerous leadership positions with various student organizations. When she isn't in front of the computer, she enjoys a myriad of other activities, from swimming, to scuba diving, to dancing, to capoeira. Tina is working on the robot arm and the sensor system for Biomodd.

Blaise Cedrick Gomez  is a BA Multimedia Studies student and an alumnus (Associate in Arts Program) of UPOU and an online entrepreneur. His interests include technical writing, watch collecting and playing video games. He's the one responsible for the Biomodd DIY Manual. He is currently working on a book about computer hardware assembly.
Diego Maranan

(Project Co-Lead)

DIego Maranan is an educator, activist, and artist working in the fields of dance and digital technology. Past work includes research in translating dance notation into computer animation with Tom Calvert and Ilene Fox at the Dance Notation Bureau; working with Judith Marcuse Projects on art and advocacy projects, particularly the Earth Project; investigating qualities of human movement in SecondLife.com avatars with choreographer Sara Coffin as Dance Lab residents at the Scotiabank Dance Centre; and his continuing development of a framework for licensing and sharing choreography under a Creative Commons license, which he presented at the 2007 New Forms Festival in Vancouver. He has worked professionally with artists and in the field of information technology on both sides of the Pacific — most recently with Dancing Wounded and with Donna Miranda — and has conducted workshops in Canada, Japan, and the Philippines. Diego received his BSc in Computing Science and Contemporary Dance from Simon Fraser University (Canada) in 2005 and received scholarships and academic distinctions during his studies, including a Canadian Information Processing Student of the Year nomination and a 2006 Holy Body Tattoo Emerging Artist for British Columbia Honourable Mention. He was artist-in-residence at Green Papaya Art Projects in Manila in 2008. He currently teaches and develops courses in multimedia at the University of the Philippines Open University and will be pursuing graduate studies later this year in interactive art and technology at Simon Fraser University.

Diego Maranan is the producer for Biomodd [LBA2]. He co-leads Biomodd [LBA2] with Angelo Vermeulen. 
Vanessa “Vanni” Liwanag

(Traditional Arts Liaison)

Vanni Liwanag is a BA Philippine Arts graduate of UP Manila. A former Actors’ Company scholar of Tanghalang Pilipino, she has worked as a full-time stage actress, appearing in several plays at CCP for three years. She has also been a scholar of Philippine Playhouse under Ana Valdes-Lim, and then a scholar of 2nd Tao of Contemporary Dance under Dancing Wounded. As an independent artist, she has recently ventured into new media and improv collaborations.
   She currently divides her time between development work for a child-focused organization and pursuing her passion for the arts.  She’s also a writer, wire work jewelry artist, a model, dabbles in film and TV, and supports friends in Indie productions. As part of her arts advocacy, she facilitates improv and creativity workshops for children and adults.  She’s also a freelance cultural researcher, specializing on ethnographic research.  She is an active member of Dakila Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism.  Vanni is the Traditional Arts Liaison for Biomodd [LBA2].
Carlos Celdran

(Arts and Culture Institutions Liaison)

Carlos Celdran is a multi-media and performance artist, and a writer. He is most famous for his lively, entertaining and educational walking tours of Intramuros, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and Quiapo and Binondo. His tours put special emphasis on issues surrounding Philippine arts, culture, and international geo-politics in order to place Philippine history within a global context. He is a man trying to change the way you look at Manila, one step at a time. He graduated with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Carlos is the Arts and Culture Institutions Liaison for  Biomodd [LBA2].
Catherine Young

(Internal Communications Coordinator)

Catherine Young likes merging science and art to generate creative and happy learning environments. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines, Diliman with a degree in molecular biology and biotechnology. She was a youth correspondent for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, publishing over 100 articles on lifestyle and culture. After college, Cathy spent two years doing graduate research in cancer in New York City. She studied art in University of the Philippines and the Art Students League of New York. She is currently the communications director of an international youth organization that promotes human dignity in policy and culture, and is an independent designer and writer. She has a brown belt in taekwondo, is a member of a juggling group, and speaks five languages. Cathy is the Internal Communications Coordinator of Biomodd [LBA2].
Tomas Leonor is a visual artist who loves mountain climbing and exploring the outdoors. His past projects include the Lamesa Dam Eco-museum located at the Lamesa Ecopark under ABS-CBN’s Bantay Kalikasan. He is currently working as a researcher for a local NGO. He also worked as an artist/production designer for some independent and local films. He graduated from the University of the Philippines, Diliman with a major in painting. One of his long-time dreams is to travel the entire archipelago from north to south for four months straight, and is looking forward to that day when he will leave everything behind and start walking.

Kent Saga works as a consultant for a call center.  He likes traveling, technology and is an avid film and sports fan.

Julius Voltaire Advincula
is currently a student in the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies program, UPOU. He is interestd to learn more about  photography, culture and technology. He lives in Makati City.


Roberto "Habs" Cervantes, Jr.
is taking his Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies at the University of the Philippines Open University. He is currently working as a webmaster and graphics designer at Wave 89.1 FM. He also does freelance work in audio and video production, web and graphic design. He likes to play games in his PSP when he's stressed out.


Jervis C. Tabangay
is an Associate in Arts and Theology graduate and now a sophomore multimedia studies student at the University of the Philippines Open University.He has been a Sunday school teacher and choir director before becoming a missionary and pastor in San Antonio, Quezon. Jervis is  presently involved in teaching with his wife at a mission school for preschoolers.



Nico Cadorna
is an Associate in Arts student in University of the Philippines Open University. An aspiring artist interested to learn more knowledge in photography and Filipino culture. Currently Working as a technical support representative. He lives in Quezon City.

Trish Corpuz
is a BA Communication Arts student majoring in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines Los Banos, and is a member of Dakila - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, UPLB collective. She does freelance writing for Fudge Magazine, and plans to be a novelist in the future.

Ayeen Karunungan
is a communication arts student at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, major in speech, minor in writing. Her interests include literature, arts and crafts, media, and design.

Eisa Jocson is a visual artist and pole dancer. Her interests are in body politics and seduction, and she has exhibited in art spaces such as CCP, GSIS, Conspiracy, Stairway Gallery, and Tehankee Foundation. She is a graduate of visual communications in University of the Philippines Diliman, and teaches art. She is the associate director of Pole Academy Philippines. In 2009 she received a scholarship in the apprentice program of the Art Students League of NY. Currently she is working in Manila on a new project in which she brings together pole dancing, performance art and painting.

Other members

PJ Lanot
(Media and Publicity Strategist)