Biomodd [LBA2] Philippines

This page was written at the onset of the project and is now outdated.
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Angelo Vermeulen and Diego Maranan are currently collaborating on a proposal to build Biomodd [LBA2], a Biomodd in Los Baños, possibly with the support of UP Open University in 2009.

Why UP Open University?

UP Open University has indicated a strong interest in providing support for building a Philippine-based Biomodd. The university's newly-launched Bachelor of Arts program in Multimedia Studies provides an ideal platform to engage and sustain participation in a project that will likely take at least two months to plan, build, and install.

Additionally, its Digital Learning Center (planned for completion in 2009) is a promising candidate for a workspace that can accommodate the complex requirements of building a hybrid computer/organic art installation that will eventually be transported to Manila.

Participation in Biomodd will not be restricted to UPOU students. Angelo and Diego would welcome the participation of anyone who can contribute to the project.

Los Baños and Biomodd

Los Baños is a government-designated Special Science and Nature City that is home to science research organizations such as the International Rice Research Institute and the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture. Biomodd [LBA2] could greatly benefit from the participation by individuals affiliated with these institutions.

Why "LBA2"?

The code represents the city and the version number of Biomodd. 

Collaborating with traditional craftspeople

Developing Biomodd in Laguna provides additional opportunities for involving local craftspeople. One possibility is to invite Paete artisans to create a computer case made out of carved wood which is then "invaded" by digital and organic life. Ideas such as this could provide the basis for discussions on themes of colonial/postcolonial, authenticity, and "modernization".

Collaborating with scientists, designers, and contemporary artists

Biomodd [ATH1] was created with the input of many individuals from across different disciplines, and so will Biomodd [LBA2]. Angelo and Diego envision Biomodd [LBA2] as a participatory project founded on mutual respect, cross-cultural dialogue, and critical approaches to hierarchy. As project leaders, they will anticipate and be open to the fact that people will commit their time and efforts to varying degrees (with the exception of students who might be required to participate as part of a course).

Collaborating with Manila-based exhibition spaces

Angelo and Diego would like to build and present Biomodd [LBA2] in Los Baños and then move the work to Manila, as a deliberate response to the concentration of new media art in Manila. To this end, Angelo and Diego seek invitations from galleries, museums, and art spaces that can host and support a large-scale sculptural work such as Biomodd [LBA2].

Other Collaborators

Biomodd [LBA2] provides opportunities for a wide variety of participants to build this new version of "a living game computer as a social sculpture," including:
  • Organizations and individuals promoting art
  • Organizations and individuals promoting science
  • Organizations and individuals promoting free and open source technologies
  • Educational institutions