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Tomas Leonor is a visual artist who loves mountain climbing and exploring the outdoors. His past projects include the Lamesa Dam Eco-museum located at the Lamesa Ecopark under ABS-CBN’s Bantay Kalikasan. He is currently working as a researcher for a local NGO. He also worked as an artist/production designer for some independent and local films. He graduated from the University of the Philippines, Diliman with a major in painting. One of his long-time dreams is to travel the entire archipelago from north to south for four months straight, and is looking forward to that day when he will leave everything behind and start walking.
Kent Saga works as a consultant for a call center.  He likes traveling, technology and is an avid film and sports fan.
Julius Voltaire Advincula
is currently a student in the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies program, UPOU. He is interestd to learn more about  photography, culture and technology. He lives in Makati City.
Roberto "Habs" Cervantes, Jr.
is taking his Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies at the University of the Philippines Open University. He is currently working as a webmaster and graphics designer at Wave 89.1 FM. He also does freelance work in audio and video production, web and graphic design. He likes to play games in his PSP when he's stressed out.



Jervis C. Tabangay is an Associate in Arts and Theology graduate and now a sophomore multimedia studies student at the University of the Philippines Open University.He has been a Sunday school teacher and choir director before becoming a missionary and pastor in San Antonio, Quezon. Jervis is  presently involved in teaching with his wife at a mission school for preschoolers.

J. Aleta Rivera-Villanueva
is currently the Associate in Arts Program Chair as well as facult member of the University of the Philippines Open University. She has a bachelor's degree in elementary education, a master's degree in community development and is currently pursuing her PhD in curriculum studies, all from the University of the Philippines. She has a wealth of experience in education and community development. Aleta is also a loving mother to Mauro and Miranda.
Leo Olavides obtained his Associate in Arts from the University of the Philippines Open University in 2003. He is currently a bookkeeper at the Technology Resource Center in San Juan. He is married.
Anne Loreen Lim
 lives and works in the idyllic island of Romblon. She is an entrepreneur who also teaches at the local college. She is also a student in the Multimedia Studies program of the University of the Philippines Open University. She loves to travel and see different places and cultures. She dreams big for the development of her hometown. She is also into photography, gaming and gadgets. For Anne, working with Biomodd is truly edifying -- definitely worth the gruelling trip from Romblon to Los Baños and back.
Melanie Trani
is a sophomore BA Multi Media Studies student at the University of the Philippines Open University. Her exposure to the arts is in the scope of interior design and architecture which was further honed as she designed wrought iron furniture and assisted interior designers during the 90s. She also writes for blogs during her spare time. She has three sons ages 19-24 who are working professionals. Melanie currently resides in Cebu City.