Proposed data flows: A diagram

Click on the image below to enlarge it. Notes:
  • All the local servers and local computers need not be unique. They could all be the same machine.
  • This image lists only data flows. Flows of water and energy are a different chart altogether.  :)
  • The reasons why we don't install our own webserver:
    • We may not be able to handle the requests of hundreds of users around the world asking for our live video feed, our interactive data visualization tools, and the interactive interface for our robot zen garden arm.
    • Hosting some of our things on the UPOU website draws traffic to UPOU. Nice instant PR. :)
    • We also can't host many of our interactive thingies (which are likely going to be Java applets) on our Google-based website
  • Details of how digitally data is generally used in Biomodd are in the Data Flows and Data Visualization Subteam Wiki