Supplementary Material for Black Rock Arts Foundation Grant Application

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These photos shows the range of influences of the project.

Montage from Angelo's visit in Los Baños, Laguna: from top left, counterclockwise: Faculty and staff of UP Open University, UP Open University campus, Paete artisans, Angelo presenting Biomodd, details from the town of Paete, plant growing on a wall in Laguna

The Ohio version, Biomodd [ATH1].
Biomodd [LBA2] will be higher by at least 2 feet.

The floor layout for the Ohio version, Biomodd [ATH1].

Detail from the Ohio version, [ATH1].

Excerpt from a documentary film on Biomodd [ATH1] by Morgan Riles

Biomodd House

This is the house provided by our main institutional collaborator, UP Open University, where the installation will be built:
The exterior of the house

The main floor where Biomodd is going to be built

The Algae-Reviving Setup

This mini-installation was designed to be revive the dormant algae that will be used in Biomodd [LBA2]. The photos also show some members of the Biomodd Team who will be designing and building the installation.

Four of the 39+ members who have so far signed up to help build the sculpture. From left to right: Nex Benas, Lai del Rosario, Diego Maranan, Lori Almirez.

(Nex and Lai are also part of the Core group.)

The two project leads, Angelo Vermeulen and Diego Maranan, turn on the pump for the first time.

The final setup. (March 18 update: It worked! The algae has been revived!)

First steps towards building the electronic components of the installation

Al-Francis Librero and Angelo Vermeulen see how much of the secondhand computer components they can use. Al-Francis is also part of the Core group.

A robot arm. It might come in handy. :)

More pictures...

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