Apply for admission to the Master Class in New Media Art Practice

Step 1. Complete the application form on this page

Step 2. Wait for confirmation

The course facilitators will contact you if room is available for you in the course.

Step 3. If accepted, pay the course fees

Consult the table below for information regarding course fees. Please note that staying overnight at the UPOU guest house requires an accommodation charge of P100 per person, per night for registered participants of the course, during the duration of the course. When no longer registered as a course participant, Biomodd Team members stay for free. Accommodation charges are payable at the end of every week.

MMS 198
Certificate Course
Basic course fee
Covers administration costs, registration, materials, food, transportation to and from Manila/Los Banos.
Regular 3-unit course fee.

Payable before the start of the course through regular UPOU registration procedures.
Php3000 / US$65

Payable on the first day of the course at Los Banos, or securely through PayPal (US$ only, sorry).

Accommodation charges
For the Biomodd House. (When no longer registered as a course participant, you can stay for free as a Biomodd Team member.)
Php100 / US$2.25 per night

Payable at the end of every week in cash or through PayPal (US$ only, sorry)

Step 4. Join us in Los Banos. 

Learn how.