Biomodd Team Member vs. Biomodd Course Participant: Which should you choose?

There are benefits both to volunteering as a Team member and registering to be part of the course. Consult this table to help you make a decision.

Involvement in the Biomodd project
Biomodd (Volunteer) Team Member
Participant in a Master Certification Course on New Media Art Practice, a summer short course certification
Student of MMS 198: Special Topics in Multimedia: Master Class in New Media Art Practice
Who can do this
AnyoneAnyone, but application will require approval by the faculty in charge of the course
  • Student of UP Open University registered in the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies program
  • Application will require approval by the faculty in charge of the course
When can you join Anytime The first offering of this course will be around April 18. The course may be offered one or two more times after that.
MMS 198 will be offered twice: during the summer and as a 1st Sem, June 2009 course
How much time you need to devote Participate for as long as you want The course will last 4 weeks. You will be expected to live in the Biomodd House for 2 weeks. You can then opt to spend the other 2 weeks in the house or 2 weeks offsite. You will be required to be physically present in Los Banos for a certain number of hours during those four weeks. Consult the course guide for details.

(But even when you're not part of the course, you are more than welcome to work on the project as a Team member.
What  you do There are many, many things you can do. It's up to you to find how you can push your own agenda and insert your own interests into the project. You can 
  • do open source software programming
  • do video/photo/text documentation
  • build the massive sculpural frame the computer components and plants are going to be housed 
  • build a sensor array
  • design the plant ecosystem
  • design the multiplayer computer game
  • write about the project from a critical/theoretical perspectives
  • help fundraise for the project through in-kind or cash contributions, or by joining Nex's fundraising team
  • provide technical support (hardware, software, networking, etc.)
  • cook for the team
  • Everything that a regular Team member can do
  • You will have a structured curriculum and some kind of formal assessment at the end of the program
How you start
  • Join the Biomodd Team email list
  • Show up in Los Banos. We can arrange or reimburse your transportation.
Visit the course site and follow the instructions.
What you get
  • Opportunities to explore and build on creative ideas related to the themes of ecology, technology, and advocacy
  • Food and lodging 
  • The funnest and most productive time (ever!) participating in an international collaboration of this scale

  • Everything that a Team Member gets
  • A very cool-sounding certificate
  • Everything that a Team Member gets
  • One course down!
Fees None! A summer short course fee (to be decided) A regular 3-unit course fee +