Create your own Biomodd


Biomodd is an open source art project: everyone can pick up the concept, build his/her own interpretation, use the 'Biomodd' name, and spread the idea. Curious to build your own Biomodd project but not sure where or how to start? The following five simple steps guide you through.
  1. Get acquainted with the former Biomodd projects by browsing through this site. Checking out the results from Ohio and the Philippines will give you a better feel of the project.

  2. Keep the Biomodd core ideas in mind when developing your own version. It's not complicated, just a limited set of ideas. The reason we added this, is to boil things down to its essence. But remember, rules are meant to be broken. Feel free to turn things upside down...

  3. Check out Blaise Gomez' more detailed Biomodd manual. he was part of the Biomodd [LBA2] team in the Philippines and made his own manual specifically to help other people out.

  4. Contact us for feedback or advice. We'll be happy to help you out in whichever way we can.

  5. Show your results. Post sketches, photos, videos and testimonies online, and share your experiences with the world. If you're interested we can give you access to this site so you can add your own entry.

Some recent testimonies about Biomodd:

"My next goal is to have [Biomodd] based here at the National Computer Center for more students to view and 'engage' in. We need some symbolic work at NCC for students to relate with. Perhaps Biomodd can inspire them to continue building on it, concept wise and design wise. My wish is for it to be a mobile exhibit - small schools 'adopting' it and taking care of it for their Earth Day or some art initiative."
― Aleta Villanueva, Philippines

"This is fascinating. I'm hoping to join the Biomodd project in Belgium this August :)"
― wolfcan on YouTube

"Honestly, this [Biomodd] video inspired and possibly changed my life, thank you! I’ve been watching this repeatedly for months, love it!"
― anthonymezzapelle on YouTube

"I did step back, but I never managed to leave. The people who got wind of what I was up to wouldn’t let me. And it was in this time in Biomodd limbo where it all became clear. I didn’t have to spearhead any particular task in the project. I didn’t need to be the one to come up with ideas to be incorporated in the installation. But I did feel the need to support the ones who did. At this stage, it was no longer about the installation itself. As far as I was concerned, what mattered most were the people around it. The funny part here is that, in a twist of irony, I ended up contributing much more than I imagined when I joined. But that's another story."
― Al Librero, Philippines

"[Biomodd] has some kind of dynamic characteristic, it sort of encourages people to come out of themselves. Working with one another you can achieve much. You can multiply not only the output, but also the satisfaction."
― Leo Olivades, Philippines

"What is important is the interactivity and community [Biomodd] creates."
― Grace Javier Alfonso, Philippines