Biomodd core ideas

These are the core ideas of the Biomodd project. Nothing is fixed in this universe so as time passes by and more and more people get involved, these rules will further evolve and morph.
  • Computer network: Biomodd has its roots in the case modding subculture and revolves around a computer network that creates a multiplayer virtual environment. There is no limit to the number of networked computers. The network can be hooked up to the internet to allow visitors from other locations to join in.

  • Ecosystem: in Biomodd an ecosystem of different organisms lives closely together with the computer components. The challenge is to bring biological life physically as close to the electronics as possible and create functional hybridity (see next point). The ecosystem can vary in complexity, and can contain higher plants, microscopic algae, fish, etc. The goal is to create as much of a self-sustaining ecosystem as possible.

  • Interfacing network and ecosystem: it’s crucial that the electronics and ecosystem are ‘communicating’ with each other, and have some form of symbiotic relationship. Both systems have to benefit from each other’s presence. This can be achieved e.g. by using the excess heat of the electronics to boost ecosystem growth. ‘Communication’ should be understood in a broad sense and indicates any movement of energy, data or matter between both systems.

  • Sustainability: should be optimized as much as possible. This can be achieved by working with recycled computers and building materials, applying energy recycling, and using renewable energy.

  • Co-creation and open source: Biomodd is a group effort and is developed with a group of people. There is no limit to the number of people involved. All software used is open source because it reflects the same community-oriented spirit.