DAY 3 @ Y4IT

posted Sep 10, 2009, 2:03 PM by Diego S. Maranan   [ updated Sep 10, 2009, 2:05 PM ]

by Blaise Gomez
September 11, 2009

I arrived at the Bahay ng Alumni at around 8AM. Roy, Ms. Melanie and her husband was already there. We had to wait a couple of minutes for the electric outlets in the booth to have electricity, after the power went up we were able to set up the Mini-Biomodd and the Laptops where we are supposed to play the AVP until Habs arrives in the afternoon to fix the computer part of the Mini-Biomodd. While waiting for the delegates and the students to arrive. Roy briefed us regarding how to the Mini-Biomodd works and how we could explain how everything falls into place. It was great timing because we adsorbed Roy's explanation, the first swarm of students found their way into the booth and started asking about it. Personally, I think the Biomodd Booth really stands out mainly because we have a computer, a set of plants and an aquarium in the booth. Things that don't normally go with each other. Iyen arrived early in the booth, although i couldn't remember the exact time. She was also very kind to provide ensaymada. She stayed for a while and had to leave because she has a fun PE class (futsal) to attend. : )

I was basically in charge of explaining the main ideas behind the main Biomodd and the Mini Biomodd to the students. Roy handled the swarm of students whom I could not handle, believe me, when i use the word swarm, it is really like, literally swarms of students. They're like armies attacking a fort, and you wouldn't want to turn your back for a second since they are really just keep on coming. Thank God there's three of us there. Ms. Melanie was the one responsible for signing the "Pass-By-Me" sheets of students.

I was able to talk to dozens of college students and professors who were really interested in creating their own version of the Biomodd. I suggested that they visit the Biomodd Site and check out the DIY manual. Dennise and Mon arrive at the booth I think around noon. I was also able to speak to Mr. Limjoco, who gave me his business card, since he was willing to fund another Biomodd project for his company who's interested in eco-friendly projects (to whom do i need to give his contact information? Angelo? Diego? Sir Al? Ms.Lai?). I think Mr. Limjoco wants the current Biomodd core group to create one for his firm.

I was also able to talk to a couple of students from University of Bicol who really like to create their own Biomodd. Another visitor of the booth suggested that the Biomodd be patented.

I really didn't feel any hunger while I was at the booth, maybe it's because I enjoyed explaining the idea behind the Biomodd and i liked the look at the Visitor's faces when they Finally realize or understand how the peculiar installation works.

Later in the afternoon, Habs and Julius arrived at the Biomodd booth and Habs was able to fix the problem concerning the playing of the AVP in the Mini-Biomodd, although he had no choice but to use the Mac Os X to play it. But it works very well now. Ms. Melanie also left the Booth in the afternoon.

we only had time to really relax and have time for fellowship late in the afternoon, since there were lesser students who were asking about the installation. I even heard some students whom I was able to explain the idea of Biomodd retelling, in their own words, how the Mini-Biomodd works to their fellow students who had the same questions and curiosity when they saw the Mini-Biomodd.

I'm sure i missed a couple of important events that happen today in the booth, but I think Iyen would be able to fill up the gaps. : )

PS: Ms. Melanie was asking if there's anyone who'd like to assist her in manning the booth in the morning tomorrow, since I think it would be very hard for only one person to man the booth, explain the ideas behind the Mini-Biomodd and sign the "Pass-By-Me" sheets of students. She'd really need reinforcement.