posted Sep 8, 2009, 10:37 AM by Diego S. Maranan   [ updated Sep 8, 2009, 4:53 PM ]

by Margarita Pantaleon
September 8, 2009

What an interesting, productive day at the congress! I got there at 7:30am with Brandy (my favorite Yorkshire Terrier) and Mighty (my son). Mighty had school today, but asked if he could skip just for a day since he was curious about what all the fuss was about the IT Congress (or it was his brilliant excuse of not wanting to go to school today). Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I let him tag along since he helped out in the installation yesterday (he's the one wearing the red jacket in Julius' photos). :)

I carefully placed the 20 pieces of fish I brought with me inside the aquarium. I plugged all the socket I could find to start all the machines running. Sitting with my back against the aquarium, I noticed water on the floor. At first, I thought the pipes were leaking. But when I turned around, the aquarium was overflowing!!! I started to panic... good thing the green plastic cups I brought for the iced tea drinks were still there. I quickly transferred the water from the big aquarium to the small aquarium. I stopped with I emptied half of the big aquarium. After a few minutes, it was overflowing again. That's when I decided to unplug the pump.

Iyen was able to find the switch for the cpu just when I was about to call Habs! Nice one, Iyen! :)

I must have signed more autographs today than in all of my 10 years as a rockstar combined!!! They were just sooo many! I thought I could have some school paper work done. NOT!!!

Someone from the Congress approached our booth around 11:30am to ask how many people were there because they'll be giving lunch. I said 2, for me and Iyen. I think they were able to deliver the food around 2:30pm. That's why when they were starting to give snacks and asked how many people were manning the booth, I said 5, for me, Iyen, Blaise, Mighty and another one to who'll be coming. ;)

I got mixed reactions about the biomodd. Majority of the people asking me to sign just wanted to finish their attendance and leave. To those who gave our booth more than a 5-second-look, I tried explaining to them what it's all about and they appeared to be genuinely interested as they started to ask questions. The Head of Sun Microsystems, Nazeen was so fascinated by our exhibit, he asked how much we spent in making it. I said less than 10 grand. He said he could sponsor something like it. I gave him an invitation to go and visit MCAD to see the actual set-up since ours was just a mini- replica. :)

Blaise turned up around 2pm and tweaked with the pc to get the AVP running. He gave up on it since he told me we'll just have to run it on my laptop.

I left soon after Blaise did around 4pm and left Iyen looking after the booth. I couldn't believe how time flew so quickly, I didn't even have any time to visit the other booths! I'll surely come back everyday to check out the other booths. :)

Cheers, Margarita