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by Victor Sison
Sep 7, 2009

The mini biomodd is the creative effort of MMS 198 students in building their own Biomodd.  Recycled materials and open source technologies are incorporated in the project build. We have  gathered scrap materials as we went along the build, we also used materials and resources freely downloaded from the net, gathering inspiration and ideas from people who have also done work on aquaponics, case modding. water cooling, heat dissipation, living walls and many others. We have created a functional art installation demonstrating principles of nature and at the same time making use of waste energy emitted by computers.

Our Biomodd tries to capture and make use of waste heat by creating a mini ecosystem that will benefit from that excess heat. We have combined a living wall made up of Mint plants; a layer of greenery on top of the installation made up Ashitaba plants; and an azolla pond all tied into an Aquaponics system. These are mounted onto a computer desk made up of scrap wood and metal. The mini ecosystem is designed so that each part of the installation will benefit from each of the components.

The aquaponic system is designed to convert fish waste into fertilizer for both aquatic and terrestrial plants. Plants use these nutrients which in turn purifies the water for the fish. The key components are the bio filter made up of gravel beds and the plants which serve to convert and remove toxic build-up nutrients in the water. 

The azolla pond serves as a heat sink for the excess heat the monitor and cpu emits. The heat stimulates the growth of azolla which can then be fed to the fish. Fish waste is converted by the bacteria found on the gravel pots made up of pet bottles on top of the installation into plant fertilizer. The nutrient rich water is continuously circulated to feed the vegetation, thereby proving the plants with nutrients which in turn purify the water for the fish. The azolla growth also provides the steady supply of free fish food. The cooling and calming effect of greenery is brought indoors, fresh air and the aroma of herbs. The vegetation provides the user with a daily supply of Ashitaba for cleansing and refreshing mint for tea. 

We hope our installation inspires similar work in ecology, technology, education, recycling, conservation, greening and health. I think more than Biomodd-merging technology and nature, another Biomodd is quite as important---- that is modding our lifestyles to be more in tune with nature.

 Enjoy Life! Conserve Nature!  Biomodd!

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