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by Kristine Matusalem
Sept 10, 2009

I volunteered to man booth for the second half of the day. I went straight to the venue after work with my laptop and camera. Shortly after I arrived, Anne hang the controversial tarps from MCAD, while I posted the Mini-biomodd write-up and played the AVP. We moved the table near the next booth (no one was manning the neighboring booth anyway) since it was blocking the structure. Julius came later to fix the leaks. Iyen did a lot of signing before she left for her class.

Throngs of students come in the UP Bahay ng Alumni every hour, all armed with sig-sheets. Apparently, ITTC will give out prizes for those who who can pass-by a certain number of booths and fill-out all the blank spaces with 'autographs' from booth representatives.

We met students from different parts of the country, some came all the way from Appari! Aside from signing sheets, we entertained questions and comments from interested visitors. The usual questions I got were: how does the mini-biomodd/biomodd work, who came up with this idea, what is it for. Through the biomodd-immersion I got from visiting and helping with the Biomodd [LBA2] construction, I was able to satisfy them with my replies. I hope that we have fascinated them enough to check-out the Biomodd exhibit in MCAD.

One student asked me if biomodd is already being used (or offered) commercially. Another participant shared that he is designing a computer based, plant watering system and he is interested in incorporating his project to a biomodd-like concept. This same person asked if he needs someone's permission if he chooses to make a similar structure. Some are content with just walking around the mini-biomodd. A couple of students asked if we can speak at their school's IT event. One even asked for a calling card. We advise them to check out the biomodd website for contact information. At the very least, Y4ITC delegates take a second look when they pass by our strategically- placed booth. There are, of course, those who just want our signatures. :D

We left the venue around 6pm, after Julius finished the repairs. It was a tiring but fun-filled booth-manning day for me. I like the idea of sharing the biomodd experience to more people through this event. Good job to everyone!

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