Minutes from meeting at the lab on July 3, 2009

posted Jul 5, 2009, 10:15 PM by Diego S. Maranan   [ updated Jul 5, 2009, 11:32 PM ]
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The meeting started at 5 pm. Lai, Julius A., Vic, Jervis, Anne, Angelo, Diego, Vanni, Aleta, and members of Dakila (could someone write down all the names?) Trish, Nicky, Jayco were there. Angelo first gave an overview of the features of the installation. Individuals contributed to giving updates on sections they've been working on.
Case updates
  • The case needs to be aligned. It's crooked. (Update: now aligned.)
  • Vine experiments: there have been experiments with growing vines using mud stuck to the case, hanging the vines on 
Aquaponic update
  • The fish are still alive; good news!
  • PET bottles have come in and are now being used to culture bacteria
Woodcarving update
  • Justin Cagayat has agreed to create a design (update: he's sent it back to us)
  • The elder Cagayat would like a sample of the eucalyptus wood that was donated by a garden resort in Calamba
Game update
  • Angelo announced a "finalized" version of the game design (Maria Makiling meets Tamagotchi) The metaphor: "We need to pay constant attention to nature"/"Goddess in distress". (It turns out later on that this wasn't the final design)
Data viz updates
  • A set of sensors are in place that monitor heat, light and humidity
Hardware updates
  • We need more hard drives.
EXHIBIT(Very urgent!)
We've asked the Los Banos chapter of Dakila to head the organizing of the exhibit in Los Banos. (Yay!) The exhibit open August 6 at 5pm. This is very soon. :PThese are some of the tasks that are associated with the exhibit. They are listed in detail on www.biomodd.net/todo

  • Opening: aug 6 at 5 pm

  • Invitations

  • Sponsors

  • Friday
    Professors (a soft opening invitation?)

  • What's going to be in exhibit?

  • Exhibit notes

  • Social aspects: email conversations, personal reflections

  • A bird's eye view of the exhibit

  • Boards... from IRRI? where from?

  • PR

  • Guest list

  • Posters, publicity

  • Internet connection

  • Check what's available

  • Technical

  • Electrical outlets

  • Curtains?

  • Opening

  • A moderated forum? Who's moderating?

  • Organize transport: order a truck!