posted Jul 8, 2009, 12:07 AM by Diego S. Maranan   [ updated Jul 8, 2009, 12:08 AM ]
posted by Dennise Castro
July 7, 2009

I had my first day in Biomodd Lab. I had to drag myself to the lab. Sobrang tinatamad kasi ako. Feeling ko ang layo-layo!
I travelled 2 hours from Las Piñas to NCC-Diliman. I together with Angelo ( "Mr. Biomodd", as he introduced himself to me ) took the shuttle service. Manong Naldo, started driving exactly 15:08 from NCC-Diliman, and the smooth traffic-less drizzling afternoon trip took us 2 hrs to arrive at Biomodd.
Upon arrival, I was shocked by the complete silence of the place, I felt like I was on an island, and the only noise that you can hear are the frogs on the street (katumbas ng mga tambay sa mga kanto namin ), the birds tweeting ( katumbas ng mga lasenggong nagkakantahan pag may birthday party ), and the clapping of the leaves blown by the air (parang mga gangster na nagpapalatakan ).. hahahaha... it was untolerable silence, until Mr. Biomodd ( Angelo ) started to give me a tour in the lab. Breaking the silence kumbaga. Reading the website alone, is truly amazing, but it was way too different to see how the lab is working.
After the quick introduction, Mr. Biomodd and I went to the cafeteria near (or in, I am not sure) IRRI. We met Diego and friends and had a quick bite with them. ( oh, Mr. Biomodd, did I say thank you for the food, well, thanks! sarap kumain pag libre!!! lol ). After the early dinner. We went back to the lab and Angelo started to give me things to do.
It wasnt hard assignments that I had. I check all the plants, watered it all, added soil to some and had it all sprayed with water.. (may sprinkler na may electric fan, naaliw naman ako dun! ). after which, i cleaned one of the aquariums ( Mr. Biomodd said that it was never cleaned since it was built, first time! ako ang naglinis! :p ). I fed the fish as well. And, pinaayos ni Diego yung malaking halaman na nasa gitna ng Biomodd model. And then, they sent me home. ( hoy! hindi madali ang mga ginawa ko ha! dugo't pawis ang pinuhunan ko dun, lol )
I had to ride a jeepney from UPOU to Calamba Bus Station. From there, I took a bus to Alabang, and Alabang to Las Piñas. It was another 2 hours. ( malamig sa biyahe, partida, ordinary bus and sinakyan ko! )
All in all, iIt was a very nice experience and  i have a good feeling as of now. Very light yung atmosphere sa lab, bukod sa tahimik! I call my professors by their first names! San ka pa?! And i felt like, we are out of the Philippines. May I English ako. Hahaha. But kidding aside, I never thought that it will be that fun to be in the lab. Wag lang araw-araw. Baka mabaliw ako sa sobrang katahimikan ng Los Baños.