2011 : Biomodd [TUDelft3], Netherlands

We are proud to announce the new Biomodd version to be developed at Delft University of Technology in October 2011. Biomodd is an open innovation process and fits the philosophy of TU Delft perfectly well. More and more systems that are developed at TU Delft have to be able to include participation in their design. Facilitated by the Internet, open design and open innovation are large movements in which people share designs and solutions. Social networks play an increasing role of significance in next generation infrastructures, participating in the negotiation of energy, water, mobility, health and more. Biomodd is precisely open artistic research in which science, engineering and human creativity merge.

Delft University of Technology campus.

Biomodd [TUDelft3] takes place in the context of the inaugural speech of professor Frances Brazier of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. The title of her speech is 'Shaping Participation: a New Design Paradigm'. Shaping participation refers both to how human beings, technological systems and ecosystems participate in each others processes.

Left: TU Delft's Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management where Biomodd will be developed. Right: Botanical garden.

Robotics research at TU Delft.

The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, and specifically the Section Systems Engineering, is concerned with the integration of  large distributed systems in business processes, communities of practice and government policies. Research is directed to the design of these systems, including the values on which these designs are based. There is a growing awareness at TU Delft that systems exist in complex interaction between social, technological an biological (ecological) structures. In this context Biomodd [TUDelft3] is orchestrated in the hope that the engineering capacity of researchers and students of TU Delft will bring concepts and ideas about Biomodd’s integration of these different systems to another level. For Biomodd [TUDelft3] previous Biomodd collaborators will come over and join the crew. Al Librero (based in Los Baños, the Philippines) and Pieter Steyaert (based in Ghent, Belgium) will participate and share their Biomodd expertise with designers, engineers and students at TU Delft. This offers a unique chance to address 'culture' as one of the components that deeply affects how systems are integrated.

Co-creation: October 3 – October 14,
Presentation: October 14
Potential follow-up: after October 14

Interested to participate?
Check out www.participatorysystems.org
Call Jaco Appelman on +31 (0)627070275


  • Cognitive mapping of Biomodd At last we’ve begun: after a hectic week of getting everything and everyone together. Let’s see if such a collaborative endeavor, working together on a tightly integrated bio-technological system delivers new insights. Insights that could help us shape participation to produce robust, resilient and at the same highly adaptive systems with strong regenerative properties. (This is only my interpretation of indispensable requirements for sustainable systems, besides that it should maximize the benefit the three p’s generate.) How are we going to see that biomodding generates new insights? Three main techniques participant observation, introspection and a technique called cognitive mapping (see how marketing education can pay off ;-) to see if more and new concepts have ‘attached’ themselves ...
    Posted Oct 4, 2011, 12:16 AM by Diego S. Maranan
  • Biomodd [TUDelft3] first development day Today the new international Biomodd team started working at the Technological University of Delft to create an upgraded edition of the Biomodd project. The team consists of a mixed group of engineers, programmers and artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Turkey, Iran and China. The main goal is to implement some of the technologies present at the university into the art work, such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and aerospace engineering. There's only two weeks of development time before the first presentation, so things need to go quick. We started the day by taking apart a good amount of computers, and introducing people to the basics of computer building. After that we went to the thrift store to shop ...
    Posted Oct 4, 2011, 12:04 AM by Diego S. Maranan
  • Biomodd [TUDelft3] announced in the Belgian press On Sunday October 2 several Belgian online news sites announced the new Biomodd project in Delft. The articles focus mostly on the augmented reality technology that will become integrated in close collaboration with the Augmented Reality Lab of TU Delft. This is from the newspaper De Morgen: "Aan de Technische Universiteit van Delft gaat de Belgische kunstenaar-bioloog Angelo Vermeulen morgen een vernieuwde versie van zijn kunstproject Biomodd uitwerken. Dat kunstwerk bestaat uit een mini-ecosysteem van planten en gerecycleerde computers waarbij de opgewekte hitte van de computers gebruikt wordt om planten te doen groeien. Hij wil nu de mogelijkheden van augmented reality integreren in dat concept. [...] Het Biomodd-project werd eerder al op poten gezet in de Verenigde Staten ...
    Posted Oct 3, 2011, 3:45 PM by Diego S. Maranan
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